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Book a Visiting Petting Zoo for Your Kids Birthday Party from Sunshine Coast Pony Parties

Make your kid’s next birthday party one to remember with Sunshine Coast Pony Parties. We have a range of farm animals to enhance your kids party with a petting zoo experience. Kids can enjoy a hands-on experience with a range of adult and baby farm animals including, lambs, chickens, guinea pigs, and piglets. Plan a special birthday with a petting zoo party. We cover a range of functions and special occasions including birthdays, after-school care, daycare, weddings, holiday camps, retirement homes, school fetes and promotions. Why not book a special day with a kids party petting zoo from Sunshine Coast Pony Parties? We come to your home or venue of your choice – all you have to do is enjoy.


Why You Should Book Your Kid's Party With Sunshine Coast Pony Parties

In today’s fast-paced society, children and adults alike often miss out on the benefits of interacting with animals. At Sunshine Coast Pony Parties, we take pleasure in seeing the enjoyment kids get out of interacting with our animals. Animals can be extremely therapeutic and beneficial for people of all ages, especially children and the elderly. Research has shown that animals can also have a positive effect on mature adults with dementia. Make your next family day an unforgettable experience for the whole family with Sunshine Coast Pony Parties.


We can offer your kids their very own petting zoo at birthday parties throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Bay areas. Try our themed parties to help make your child’s big day a memorable and imaginative experience, where all the young guests can have fun interacting with our healthy and friendly animals. Our four-legged friends have all been hand reared from birth and are very social and tame. All our animals are well cared for in a clean environment and are in good health.


As a parent or caregiver, you will experience many special moments observing the benefits our animals will bring to your kid’s special day. We have a range of animals for your personal petting zoo birthday party. Here's a sneak peek of our friendly mobile farm animals and our reasonable prices to help you decide.


Plan an Extra-Special Day for Your Kids Party with a Petting Zoo


The therapeutic benefits of interacting with animals are often overlooked in today’s society. Animals can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of social isolation and loneliness. Exchanges with animals can also help people cope with long-term mental health ailments.


Apart from the opportunity to pet the animals, we also offer a range of themed parties, from Cowboys and Indians for the boys, to a My Little Pony theme - a dream come true for little girls. As an adult, you can also enjoy the benefits of interacting with our animals and relax while having a fun and relaxing time with the little ones.

We are happy to help plan and discuss and all your personal party needs. Why not contact us to find out how our animals can give any occasion a distinctive touch?

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