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Cinto-he was in the circus when younger





Many of our Welsh Mountain Ponies are bred at our farm by Belinda! You can find out more by following Belle Phlynn Park on Facebook or contacting Belinda.

Meet our tiny Shetland Ponies

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Magic- shetland

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Barney (Chesnut), Freddy (White) & Bam Bam (Brown and White). We are the three Shetland Ponies who can come to parties for very small children! We are super cute, and are so snuggly and cuddly.
We love getting all dressed up and coming to your themed parties or events!

Hi, We're the Flinstones!

Our little Shetland Ponies can only give rides to very small children. They have a weight limit of 18kg!

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Our minature Donkey

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I have been used for lots of occasions, especially over the Christmas time. I think I look special with my santa hat on.

I can give donkey rides anytime of the year. But because I am only little I can only give rides to small children. 

Themed Parties

Hi, I'm Peanut!

We are able to cater for your childs themed party idea!

Contact us today to find out what is possible. 

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Ready for the best party ever?

Book a pony party
Book a pony party

We have many beautiful Welsh and Shetland ponies who love coming to parties and being adored. Our ponies are all safe, experienced and well-loved!

We can also cater for any themed pony parties that you would like to request. See our gallery below for previous themed birthday parties we have attended.

You may select who you would like to come along and give pony rides at your party! Please be aware that we do have a weight limit of 35kgs that our ponies are able to carry.

Our Ponies

Meet our Welsh Ponies

Cinderilla = Welsh Mountain Pony
Hokey Pokey
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