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Brisbane Kids Can Enjoy Our Childrens Unicorn Pony Parties at Sunshine Coast Pony Parties

Does your child have a love for unicorns or ponies? Plan an extra special birthday with our themed parties at Sunshine Coast Pony Parties. We focus on themed parties and spreading the benefits of animal interaction. Our range of animals and pretty ponies who would love to visit on your kid’s special day. We offer childrens pony parties throughout Brisbane and cover a variety of events besides birthday parties including school and retirement home visits, after-school care, daycare, weddings, holiday camps and promotions.


You Will Love our Kids Pony Parties Held Throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast


We cover a range of themes to suit your child's special day. From Cowboys and Indians to a My Little Pony theme party, to childrens unicorn parties throughout Brisbane, we can help you make a day the whole family will remember. You can view images of our themed parties here. You can rest assured that your children are safe with our animals as all our ponies are very quiet and tame. They are very used to people and large crowds; they’ve been inside churches, elevators, and have a very ‘been there done that’ attitude.


We have a range of pretty ponies you can choose to visit and give rides at your party. Your children will love our Shetland pony duo affectionately named the Flintstones, or our cheeky looking but mature donkey name Peanut. Alternatively, if your child wants a princess theme party, our pretty pony Cinderella would love to be the belle of the ball. We love our animals and your children will too.


At Sunshine Coast Pony Parties, we love seeing the joy our ponies bring to your children. As an adult, you can also enjoy the benefits of interacting with our animals. We can help you plan a party the whole family will love. We offer the best kids pony parties in Brisbane.


Enjoy the Many Benefits of Interacting with Our Animals


Not only will your children love our pony theme parties, but there are benefits of interacting with animals that are often overlooked in today’s fast-paced society. For example, research has shown that interaction with animals, even for a small amount of time has been shown to improve focus in children with ADHD. The benefits of interacting with animals can be seen in people of all age groups. Studies show that animals can reduce blood pressure and stress levels, increase feelings of social support, and can even aid in slowing the process of Alzheimer’s in the elderly. Studies also suggest that animals may benefit children with behavioural problems.

You can enjoy seeing the fun and laughter our animals bring to your children, as well as knowing that there are several physical, mental and emotional benefits that the whole family can enjoy. Plan a special event the entire family can enjoy and benefit from with Sunshine Coast Pony Parties.  Contact us here to add a special touch to your next big event.

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