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Stand in Line to Hire a Mobile Animal Petting Zoo for Birthday Parties

Who can resist the adorable faces of baby animals? We know we can’t, that’s why we have developed the business Sunshine Coast Party Ponies to give you the experience of interacting with our furry friends. Remember as a kid when your parents would take you to a petting zoo, how excited you would be to touch a little piglet or lamb? Well, now it gets even better because we will bring the animals to you. Our mobile petting zoo is ideal for any birthday parties or functions of your choice. We pride ourselves on the wonderful care that we take of our animals and ensure that they are happy and safe. We want to bring joy to our Aussie children, and it brings smiles to our faces watching theirs light up.


Why a Mobile Petting Zoo?


We prefer to ask why not? A mobile petting zoo is the answer to any birthday theme dilemma because it gives you the opportunity to have your party in your own environment. We all know it’s easier to have your kids in the safe area of your home or a familiar place. Parents will feel more comfortable taking their children to a private rather than a public space. At Sunshine Coast Party Ponies we have a selection of the cutest animals you can find. These include baby and adult:

  • Lambs

  • Chickens

  • Piglets

  • Guinea pigs


We also ensure that our animals are well groomed and all in good health. In today’s society kids don’t get to interact with animals as much as they used to, so we love seeing the joy it brings them. Mobile animal parties are the next best thing all your kids will be begging to do for their birthdays. The best part is, we don’t only cater for birthdays, we do promotions, holiday camps, daycares, after-school care, school fetes, church functions, retirement homes and just about any special occasion that you can imagine. We are not limited, and that’s what makes us so convenient.


Make Any Occasion Adorably Memorable


No matter the day, there is always a reason to have mobile animal parties because even as adults we just can’t resist the cute faces of baby animals. We service the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Bay areas, so we are conveniently able to come to you no matter where you are situated. A child should have animal interactions at a young age because it can aid in teaching them compassion for other creatures on this earth. It’s also said that animals have a calming effect on humans, so merely petting one can subdue anxiety or depression. This is just a theory and is not based on facts, but it’s worth a shot and who needs a reason to be around something so adorable.

Contact us to make a booking today. Our animals have been hand-reared and are 100% comfortable around people, so we are confident that you and everyone around them will be perfectly safe. Find your happy place with us; they make us happy too.

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