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Open Your Imagination by Renting a Unicorn for Birthday Parties

We all believed in unicorns once upon a time, when we were young, naive, and full of imagination. Naturally, as we got older so did the things we would imagine. Unicorns, of course, became something of the past, now learning that they do not exist (or do they?). Well, your kids still believe, and we know every parent wants to keep it that way for as long as possible. Sunshine Coast Party Ponies have just the solution to keep the magic alive. Why not rent a unicorn for birthday parties and watch how your little one’s faces light up as they watch their favourite imaginary visions come to life? We have a selection of unicorns for hire with options to suit your budget.


The Best Unicorn Pony Rentals in the Sunshine Coast


We offer many of our beautiful ponies for you to choose from to come and be the entertainment at your party. Unicorns for hire is a novelty any kid could only dream of, but it’s one dream we can fulfil. Currently, we have seven beauties for you to choose from, their names are:


  • Blossom, Coral and Bubbles - Welsh Mountain Ponies

  • Galaxy and Cinderella - Palomino Mares

  • Magic and the Flintstones - Tiny Shetland ponies that can only take tiny children on rides as they are just as small.


Our ponies are happy and loved. They are well groomed, and in excellent health, so there is no need to worry about their wellbeing. They are delightful, loving animals who enjoy the attention and won’t mind you treating them to a little carrot or two.


Let us help you make your party stand out and be a little different by using unicorn pony rentals in Brisbane. Our themes are widely popular as we do not only offer the one. Our other themes include; my little pony, fairies and ponies for princesses. Let’s not forget about the boys, because we have cowboys and Indians for them too which includes mohawks that we know you will love. Our ponies have been everywhere and are not afraid of new places. They are calm and ready for any location you request them at as they have the “been there, done that” quiet kind of personality.


Don’t Delay, Call Today


We do pony, and farm animal party hire in the greater Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions. Our customers range from birthday parties, private functions, aged care, daycare, corporate events and churches, but why stop there, we can do any occasion you can dream up. Imagine your childhood dreams coming to life because even as an adult, you will love the idea of a unicorn running around and the joy on your kid’s face will be worth every cent. Unicorn pony rentals in the Sunshine Coast will make all involved smile from ear to ear, inside and out.


Contact us today via email or phone; we are more than happy to help you plan your party needs and look forward to talking to you.

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